Looking to create an NFT launchpad project

In 2021, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, swept the globe. Well done if you’re thinking about launching your own NFT launchpad project! Ambition and achievement go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Individuals and groups have chances to produce socioeconomic value in the metaverse. We’ll show you how to make a successful NFT launchpad project today. Keep in mind that for every successful NFT drop, there are hundreds more that fail. Due to technological challenges, flaws, or a lack of attention on the basics, they fade away.

But first, let’s go over the fundamentals of the nft launchpad and NFTs in general.

What exactly are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are data elements recorded on the blockchain. Consider the blockchain to be a non-proprietary, decentralized database. Instead, multiple people are accountable for maintaining the same database version. In data form, NFTs may be anything. Pictures, videos, music, text, and other forms of creative material are all acceptable. Each NFT is unique and has proven ownership since it is kept on the blockchain. Click here to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively.

In a word, NFTs allow for the creation of digital scarcity. Real-world items, by their very nature, are rare and valuable. NFTs make data and items on the internet valuable.

Steps to a Successful NFT Initiative

It’s not enough to create a series of artworks and then wait for someone to purchase them when you’re working on an NFT launchpad project. It’s all about the community and how involved it is. To construct a successful NFT launchpad project, you must fully comprehend the following processes. There are no hard and fast rules; instead, they serve as guides to follow.

Outline Your Story

This recommendation may seem to be self-evident, yet it is the most crucial. The most straightforward proposals are the hardest to implement. However, understanding why you’re doing it will make it easier. As a result, jot it down. On a piece of paper or in a word document, answer the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of your NFT launchpad project?
  • What is the goal of your NFT initiative?
  • What makes you want to tell others about it?
  • What kind of benefit will it provide to your community?
  • What is the significance of your NFT launchpad project?
Looking to create an NFT launchpad project

This procedure is encapsulated in the final question. After all, why are you doing what you’re doing in the first place? Do not dismiss the importance of this issue. As a result, if you believe that successful NFT enterprises are just photos on the blockchain, you’re mistaken. The most effective NFT initiatives are those that clearly express the reason for their existence. They offer a clear value proposition for the people in their neighborhood. They make their goals clear with a sense of humour and passion. For your project, you must do the same.

It’s now time to put on your thinking hat. Your NFT tale must be captivating. Like world-class firms, successful NFT initiatives have clear answers in the form of a story and vision. At the end of the day, it’s the tale that grabs people’s attention and their money.

Decide which blockchain and marketplace you want to use.

Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain. NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs have all been pioneered by the Ethereum community. As a consequence, you have a variety of possibilities. You may start your project on other blockchains as well. Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana, Fantom, and others are among them.

Similarly, you may pick and select which markets you want people to purchase your NFT collection from. NFTically, MakersPlace, and others are among of the most popular. Indeed, markets like NFTically will allow you to concurrently begin your NFT collection with numerous marketplaces and blockchains. Smart contracts allow you to get a royalty payment on all future secondary sales.

Determine the features and services that your NFTs will include.

While markets may assist you learn how to navigate through them, it is preferable if you make your own decisions. Consider the following inquiries.

  • Would you want the NFTs to be on-chain or off-chain?
  • What should the maximum mint quantity be?
  • Who will be in charge of minting the NFTs? You or the general public?
  • What role will randomization, rarity, and voting rights play in the game?
  • What services do you have to offer? Is there anything unique or exciting?

Always keep in mind that aspects like as the mint quantity, rarity, and royalty percentages are determined after the NFTs have been minted. When it comes to the additional characteristics, be sure to mention them straight away. Either in the whitepaper or in the smart contract.

Looking to create an NFT launchpad project

Create a Community

At the end of the day, every NFT endeavor is a narrative. A narrative in which your community strongly believes. As a result, be sure you follow the guidelines below.

  • Use social media to your advantage. Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, and other social media platforms Learn how to use social media marketing or hire someone to do it for you. This is the place to meet new individuals and learn more about them.
  • Create a top-notch website. Keep it basic, clean, and SEO-friendly.
  • Do regular AMAs and describe the goal of your NFT launchpad project 
  • Contact social media influencers and persuade them to help you advertise your project

Always keep in mind that successful NFT initiatives do not happen by accident. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of launching an online community right now! Start right now if you have an idea or a vision.

Keep innovating and adding value as much as possible.

Every successful NFT initiative guarantees that community people continue to benefit in ways that are greater than what was originally promised. This is due to the fast-paced nature of the NFT industry. Although NFTs as a phenomena are here to stay, keep in mind that your NFT initiative will only succeed if a diverse group of individuals sees value in it.

Both subjective and objective values exist. As a result, go back to the first step and come back here if the point was not made obvious. Many great NFT ventures live for a few days on viral marketing before dying because not enough people could connect to them on a personal or communal level. As a consequence, create an NFT launchpad project with a unique tale. However, be sure to keep innovating the plot as and when it is needed. Your community’s ideals might shift at any time.


There are several reasons to construct an NFT launchpad project. One of them is the fact that NFTs have become mainstream and are on the brink of capturing market share in a variety of businesses and industries. As a consequence, now is the greatest moment to start your business. Make careful, however, that the project does not get lost among the many others that never see the light of day because they never discovered their true reason for being.

Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

This post is for you if you are a maker of NFTs who wants to get more people to see your work. There are several methods to publicize and market your NFT launchpad initiatives. You may broadcast or work with other creators from your Facebook group. You might also consider giving exclusives to celebrities or influencers, launching an affiliate marketing program, or designing a one-of-a-kind landing page. When it comes to advertising your NFTs, the sky is the limit!

This article will give you some insider information on what NFTs are, and then I’ll walk you through 15 ways to market your nft launchpad project that no one but the people who read this article, or our clients or partners, are using, so get excited, get hyped, because this will make some people a lot of money. Learn more about AXS, community treasury and DAO.

So, what exactly are NFTs?

This little write-up is for all of my friends who are new to NFTs or the NFT launchpad Marketplace, as well as all of my NFT’aholic pals. I know you could go forward to the good part, but I’ve got a fantastic hook for you to deter you from skipping beyond my amazing first paragraph:

In this explanation, I’m going to reveal an NFT launchpad insider industry secret that I only know about, and that no one else knows about, because I hired the number one blockchain lawyer in the world for a start-up, and that law firm connected me with their Canadian partners, who happen to be the same law firm that represents Dapper Labs. 

If you don’t know who Dapper Labs is, Dapper is the creators of the original NFT launchpad contract for Ethereum that everyone uses to craft these cryptocurrencies. And you may be wondering how a small Canadian software firm can work with and be the exclusive distributor for companies as large as the NBA, the NBA! I know, I’m addicted to telling you guys about it as well.

Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

Ok So, what exactly is an NFT? Non-Fungible-Token is an acronym for Non-Fungible-Token, which is what we would call a database memory slot in computer science. It’s basically a little storage unit with a packet of information in it, and you can store whatever you want in it, like an ebook (I pitched Jeff Bezos on NFT ebooks because I couldn’t find any on the major NFT launchpad marketplaces, and he did actually respond to me, and said he would forward it to their

Anyway, most people put a picture or a video clip in these little storage boxes, which have limited quantities (Scarcity), and the fact that the earlier you can buy it- the more people will find out about it after you, and the higher the demand will be, because the more attention there is, the more value it has, and the pressure to make money and drive attention as it increases in value (Urgency) creates the market for these golden database units that we have today.

So that’s why they’re so valuable, but why is the name so random? Non Fungible Token is like naming something R2-D2 or C3PO, and like Star Wars, the more you know, the cooler it gets, and the name NFT launchpad is unique to understanding what it is in the blockchain universe, and more importantly, what it means to you as a potential buyer or holder. In reality, it’s a legal gem. Every individual claims that their particular 100x investment isn’t one of them, and that the SEC will never clamp down on their alt-coin crypto trading accounts 18 months from now- in truth, you never know.

Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

(Unless you already know why Bitcoin is impregnable from that- hidden drop- Bitcoin won a legal fight in California in 2012 claiming it wasn’t a security- so rest, I’m not a hater)

But you never know when those random digital assets (like Ripple – XRP) will be or have been put on trial, and everyone involved will get a fine in the mail, and that poor technology candle graph man- it will go from the arc of the century, just a full mooning back down into a cold flatline.

This leads to what the NF in NFT stands for: non-fungible. Non-fungible makes NFTs lawful, baby. NFTs are not a currency because they are not fungible (money by definition, and according to the FINRA exception made by Canada’s regulatory body in charge of monetary and financial policy, for it to be a currency, it must be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, which means you don’t even need to be registered with them- that knowledge is like having a million dollar bill in your pocket- because normally to open a legal financial service business you must be registered with them-

Final thoughts

Everything starts with leveraging user data, identifying gaps, and dialing in a buyer avatar, but keep in mind that the best way to create a marketing strategy for your target audience is to give them all the tools they need to conduct a thorough economic analysis of your non-fungible tokens and digital assets and integrate them into your value ladder and brand or persona universe.

Then, once our models are working for you and your ROI is moving in the right direction, we can expand your universe and other traffic sources through additional efforts in the influencer marketing, social media, and email marketing departments. However, because those are only a small piece of the puzzle and you can lose a year working on them and still break even, we recommend you mostly treat them as a 10% up or down optimization that you shrug off. If you know how to leverage your social media, or if you already have a large social media skillset or market in place, then by all means, that’s a good place to focus, but if you don’t, you should probably be taking a path less traveled by all the big NFT launchpad players so you can carve out a little blue ocean for yourself.

AXS, Community Treasury and DAO

ERC-20 governance token AXS (Axie Infinity Shard). That is, an Ethereum smart contract token designed to function similarly to stock, with owners receiving ‘dividends’ and the ability to vote on major game and economic problems using their tokens. AXS is traded on multiple exchanges, including Binance, and is based on the Ronin blockchain (an Ethereum Network sidechain).

Like other ERC-20 tokens, there is a limit on how many may be generated. In this case, 270 million dollars will be distributed in phases and in varying quantities to different parties and for diverse objectives. The whitepaper clearly defines the allotment, with slightly over 22% now in circulation.

Staking, which involves locking coins in exchange for a share of the Community Treasury, provides the ‘dividend’ part (AXS and wETH). The axie infinity marketplace charges a 4.25 percent fee (aka tax), which means that each deal sends 4.25 percent of the total wETH value (which the seller loses) to the Community Treasury. Similarly, all AXS that have been sunk in breeding have been relocated here.

The Community Treasury now possesses roughly 35k wETH (worth $100 million USD) and 18 million AXS (worth $1.18 billion USD). With a total current circulation of over 60 million AXS, the Treasury controls around 30% of all AXS. We also arrive at a value of $1.67 USD per AXS based on a base value of wETH treasury value (USD) / AXS circulation cap. However, at roughly $70 USD, AXS is now selling at nearly 40 times that value.

The tokens will also be used to enable governance voting on particular game concerns. The kind of topics that may be voted on seem to be shifting from Treasury distribution to complete separation from Sky Mavis in 2023. As the game “gradually grows into a community-owned Decentralized Organization,” the whitepaper advocates transferring to a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

As of this writing, staking has just recently been enabled (30 September). However, despite being scheduled to be online by the end of the first half of this year, governance votes remain now inactive. As a result, AXS now solely serves as a breeding token rather than a governance token. Sky Mavis may also change their mind about using AXS since they are not legally bound by their intentions.

While several games currently let users to vote on feature development (see Old School Runescape’s polls), Axie Infinity ‘s whitepaper proposes radical power seeding of a game, which is mostly unknown terrain. While AXS promises to assist match player interests with a game’s economic goals, it is feasible that populism within the player base or the voting power of rich parties might potentially impair the game’s performance. So it’s unclear how much genuine governance Sky Mavis will provide AXS holders.

AXS, Community Treasury and DAO

Breeding and the Market

As an NFT, all axes reside on the Ronin blockchain. As a result, breeding is the process of creating a new axie NFT. To start the breed, the player must spend both SLP and AXS, with the quantity of SLP depending on the parent axies’ breed count. With a limit of seven breeds per axie, each breed raises the SLP cost of following breeds. The present cost of breeding two virgin axes is 300 SLP and 1 AXS, although Sky Mavis constantly changes pricing in order to keep the economy balanced.

The freshly bred axie is created via a genetic process similar to that used in CryptoKitties, in which the kid axie inherits the parent axie’s traits. As a result, type and body parts are determined by the parents.

Axies may then be sold for wETH on the Axie Infinity Marketplace (Etherum token).

Is Axie Infinity a long-term investment?

Pegaxy, a blockchain-based horse racing game, has grown in popularity since its introduction last October, with hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of dollars streaming into its network each week. In the game, participants compete against one another by racing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of horses, which have unique digital signatures on the blockchain and may sell for up to $100,000. However, Pegaxy’s Hanoi-based team did not model the game on the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness Stakes. Instead, the creators wanted to cash in on the success of another Vietnamese startup, Sky Mavis, which had created a Pokemon-like fighting game and sparked a blockchain gaming craze that is expected to be worth $40 billion by 2025.

AXS, Community Treasury and DAO

Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis’ game, has attracted notable investors such as Mark Cuban and Andreessen Horowitz to the industry. pegaxy has copied Axie’s play-to-earn concept, which enables players to exchange in-game victories for real money, a feature that has enabled Axie Infinity become a full-time job for hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines and worldwide in the last year. However, Axie’s creators recently realized that the play-to-earn paradigm that fueled the platform’s ascent was unsustainable, and they released an upgrade intended at completely revamping the game’s economy.

The corporation is now attempting to attract gamers who want to play for enjoyment rather than for profit. Pegaxy is refusing to join the pivot. Instead, the horse racing industry is forging on its own, virtually doubling down on the play-to-earn strategy pioneered by Axie Infinity and then abandoned. The divergent perspectives of the two games reflect a broader discussion about how firms will utilize blockchain—the technology presently used to race digital ponies and combat digital monsters—to determine the future of how the world plays, works, and does business.

In conclusion

The coming together of the crypto world and online gaming in the shape of Axie Infinity signals a significant transition, not just in the future of online gaming but also in the rising relevance of digital ownership. This is many people’s first encounter with blockchain-based games or activities. While there are still significant issues and unknowns around blockchain-based experiences, the fact that such a project exists is remarkable, and it is likely to influence future trends. It will be intriguing to see what the future holds for Axie Infinity, whether it be the development of land-based games on Lunacia or the ongoing breeding of unique Axies.

Essential aspects of Axie Infinity you should learn about

Before you begin playing Axie Infinity, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game’s features.

Axies Breeding

Breeding and then selling Axies is the second method players may make money in the axie infinity ecosystem, as previously described.

A baby Axie is formed by breeding two Axies. A certain amount of SLPs are needed each time an Axie is utilized for breeding. When these SLPs are utilized, they are burnt. The number of SLPs needed grows as the number of times a parent Axie has been utilized for breeding grows. An Axie can only reproduce seven times.

Each new Axie is given a completely unique set of attributes and abilities. As a result, they may become valuable collectibles. Axies may either stay with a player’s squad or be sold to other players. Because each Axie is represented by an NFT, it may be traded and swapped on the Ethereum blockchain.

Essential aspects of Axie Infinity you should learn about

Infinity fight with Axie

The fighting mechanism for Axie Infinity is based on a turn-based card game. As previously stated, each Axie action is linked to a card that must be played with a certain quantity of energy. When a player’s energy levels are depleted, they must wait for their Axie to recharge before utilizing it again.

When fighting, each Axie class has strengths and weaknesses that come into play. A player must determine which Axie and move are optimal for a certain opponent.

AXS stands for Axie Infinity Shards.

Axie Infinity Shards, or AXS, are the Axie Infinity platform’s native governance tokens. They were introduced in November 2020 and let each token holder to vote on issues like as platform development and money distribution. Axie Infinity’s long-term goal is to become a completely decentralized organization managed only by game players.

The Community Treasury relies heavily on the AXS token. All transaction fees paid on the platform are collected entirely by the Community Treasury. AXS token holders may receive a part of the transaction fees earned by staking AXS tokens and supporting the ecosystem. It encourages community participation and expands the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

AXS may also be earned in-game, according to the Axie website, although actual play-to-earn potential is not yet generally accessible.

AXSs, like Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. However, unlike SLPs, which have a limitless supply that fluctuates according on the number of participants, AXS has a circulating supply limitation of 270 million coins.

Essential aspects of Axie Infinity you should learn about

How can I make money while playing Axie Infinity?

There are two major methods for players to make money in the Axie Infinity realm. The first is to gain Smooth Love Potions, or SLPs, by playing the game. The second method is to breed and sell Axies. You may do this as the owner or via a guild to rent out your Axie to a Scholar.

Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) are in-game awards that players earn just by playing the game. As a result, they are the simplest method to profit from the game. Completing tasks or fights will earn you these. Once you’ve accumulated enough SLPs, you may sell them for real money.

Each SLP is represented as an ERC-20 token, allowing for unfettered trading and exchange on the Ethereum network. Due of the game’s demand for breeding Axies, each token has a real-world monetary worth. Players that want to breed Axies will need a particular quantity of SLPs to do so. SLPs have inherent value because of this.

Note. After 14 days, SLPs may be removed from the platform. This helps to prevent bot behavior and other harmful activities.

SLPs may be acquired in Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity. Battles against creatures in adventure mode earn players SLPs. Axies also receive the necessary experience points (EXP) to level up. The level of an Axie determines the number of SLPs earned at the conclusion of each combat. In Adventure mode, you may earn up to 100 SLPs every day.

  • Arena. 
  • Players may combat each other in the Arena, which is a multi-player platform. By defeating an opponent, you may earn SLPs. To gain more SLPs after each victory, each player must improve their matchmaking ranking (MMR). In Arena mode, players may acquire an infinite amount of SLPs.
  • Daily Challenges 

These are platform-specific obstacles that encourage gamers to keep playing the game. They include things like winning a certain number of fights per day or checking in once each day for a certain amount of time.

Essential aspects of Axie Infinity you should learn about

How to get Axie Infinity and play it

Axie Infinity requires access to a Web 3.0 digital wallet, such as MetaMask, to begin playing. This bitcoin wallet will be used to establish an Axie Infinity account and will also be used to withdraw prizes from the game.

The procedures mentioned here are for the PC version of the game, but the processes for the mobile version are identical.

The instructions below will show you how to get started:

Step 1: Create a MetaMask wallet.

Install the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet on your computer and fund it with Ether (ETH). Ether is the Ethereum blockchain’s money, and it will be needed for buying Axies.

Step 2: Register with Axie Infinity.

Go to the Axie Marketplace website and click the “Login” button. After that, choose “Login with MetaMask.” In your MetaMask wallet, follow the steps. Your Axie Infinity account will be created after you complete the directions. You will be asked to create a username whenever you return to the website. Pick a username that is unique to you.

You must input a relevant email address and establish a password in the center of the following dashboard.

Step 3: Ronin wallet

Sky Mavis created the Ronin wallet to connect with the Axie Infinity game using the Ronin sidechain. The Ronin sidechain was created expressly for blockchain games, allowing players to circumvent the Ethereum network’s typically high transaction costs.

Step 4: Cross the Ronin Bridge

Using the Ronin Bridge platform, transfer ETH from your MetaMask wallet to your Ronin wallet.

Step 5: Go to the Axie Marketplace 

Go to the Axie marketplace once you’ve placed Ethereum into your Ronin wallet. This is the dashboard for exchanging ETH for Axie NFTs. Use your Ronin wallet to log in to the platform. Select your Axies and buy them using ETH. When you buy anything, you’ll get an NFT that represents ownership. The price of each Axie will be determined by the current value of ETH.

Step 6: The Axie Infinity desktop program must then be downloaded and installed. 

Go to the Axie Infinity webpage and choose “Play Now” from the top right corner. Install the program after downloading it.

Step 7 After installing the Axie Infinity game software

After installing the Axie Infinity game software, you’ll be prompted to input the information of the Axie Infinity account you established previously. The Axies you bought with your Ronin wallet should appear in the game immediately. You and your Axies are now ready to go on an adventure across the Axie Infinity cosmos!

Looking to understand what Axie Infinity NFT is?

Axie Infinity nft is a collectable battler based on NFTs created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese firm that is a product of Ubisoft’s Enterprise Labs. A marketplace and Steam-like crypto game launcher, as well as a crypto wallet software, are among the dapps (decentralized apps) created by the developer.

What is the significance of this?

Axie Infinity nft has been a popular subject in recent months as a result of its meteoric rise to 1 million DAU and $1 billion in lifetime transactions. This expansion of axie infinity nft is based on what Sky Mavis refers to as ‘Play to Earn’ (P2E): the option for players to pay out their in-game earnings to support themselves in the real world. In the Philippines, this has been advocated as a viable alternative to COVID-affected occupations.

Many have cautioned, however, that the capacity of Axie Infinity ‘s economy to maintain P2E is dependent on the continual flood of new players eager to profit. Without these new players, demand for new Axies (important characters) falls, and their price (and hence P2E profits) falls as well. Some have compared the situation to a Ponzi scheme as a consequence of this.

Looking to understand what Axie Infinity is?

Gameplay Fundamentals

Despite all of the buzz around Axie Infinity, the basic gameplay receives relatively little attention. At its most basic level, the game is a cross between a team battler and a trading card game, with evident inspirations from Hearthstone and the Final Fantasy Tactics titles, as highlighted in Sky Mavis’ white paper.

The player assembles a squad of three axies, which are floating monsters that are carefully placed in a grid. Both the default target and the interaction between the axes are affected by this location.

Each axie is characterized by four attributes that influence battle performance (Health, Morale, Skill, and Speed). Second, each axie has four cards that might be thought of as abilities. Six bodily components determine both stats and cards related to the axie (eyes, ears, horn, mouth, back and tail). Finally, there is a series of lessons called rock, paper, scissors, which pits strong and weak students against one other.

Players are handed a hand of cards across their axis in battle, which cost a certain amount of mana to play. These cards specify how each axie will fight, defend, and assist each other, including targeting, boosting, and debuffing. The RPG and TCG mechanics coexist in such a way that squad composition and placement tactics operate in tandem with notions like card advantage and tempo. This results in a game with a subtle depth of strategy despite being simple to pick up and play at first.

In truth, the game’s ease of play and complexity of mechanics, along with very precise balance, make it quite enjoyable to play. Some seemingly basic processes require time to completely comprehend and perfect strategically.

Looking to understand what Axie Infinity is?

Once you’ve assembled your team, you have two options:

  • Adventure: A collection of small PvE campaigns with saga map-style level connections. Players compete against non-axie adversaries controlled by AI.
  • Arena: A PvP game with elo rankings and custom matchmaking in which players compete against their teams.

The game’s economy is built on these two modes. Energy is used to reward the gate and refills over time depending on the number of axes the player has, while winning awards SLP (Smooth Love Potion), the breeding token (more on these resources below). Axis are also rewarded with EXP in Adventure mode, which raises their level and improves their stats.

However, there is a reason why this fundamental gameplay is overshadowed by the rest of the game; although being excellent, it is the least original or intriguing aspect of the product. Instead, it is the breeding economy and the market that produce the profiteering behavior that makes Axie Infinity one of the most interesting games in a decade.

What is the economic system like?

Along with the axes themselves, three resources lie at the heart of Axie Infinity. They are:

  • Off-chain Energy: Each PvP and PvE match consumes 1 Energy. If a player runs out of energy, they may still play PvE and PvP, but they will not get SLP or EXP (EXperience Points, which are used to determine the level of an axie). This implies that Energy acts as a reward gate. The number of axes a player has determines how much energy they may have and how fast it regenerates. This is a pretty random method of incentivizing players to buy more axes than the game needs.
  • Smooth Love Potion (off and on chain): A grindable resource that is awarded after winning PvP or PvE battles. It is also one of the two resources needed to breed new axes, alongside AXS.
  • AXS aka $AXS (on chain): The game’s ERC-20 governance token. This smart contract-backed token has a variety of purposes, including voting on development choices and staking, but the most important is its usage in breeding with SLP.
Looking to understand what Axie Infinity is?

The essential resource at the heart of Axie Infinity and the driver of P2E is SLP Grinding and P2E Smooth Love Potion.

SLP may be earned in two ways:

  • Arena (PvP): Almost every victory awards a sum according on the player’s current position, with higher ranks awarding more SLP every victory. There are no rewards for lower ranks.
  • Adventure (PvE): Players are rewarded for completing a level based on their star rating (directly related to the number of axies still alive).

Energy is the gating element in SLP generation since SLP can only be obtained if the player possesses it. Increased axie ownership does, however, enhance the pace of energy generation.

Players may claim their SLP from the game into their Ronin wallets at certain periods (currently every two weeks) (i.e. putting it on chain). SLP may then be exchanged on a cryptocurrency platform like Binance or used to produce axies.

This SLP selling has spawned a gig economy of gamers that grind the game, earn SLP, and then sell it for money. With three hours of play every day, gamers may expect to earn roughly 500 SLP per week. This works out to $32 per week and $1,664 per year at the current SLP price of $0.064 USD. Many players will be competing on scholarship (an Axie Infinity loaning group) and cashing out roughly 70% of their entire earnings ($1,164).

Running three Axie Infinity accounts might now give a fair living in the Philippines, where the average wage is roughly $3,200 USD. However, SLP prices seem to be on the decline lately, implying that P2E may soon become unsustainable. The reasons for this are explained in further detail later in P2E is Unsustainable.

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