Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

This post is for you if you are a maker of NFTs who wants to get more people to see your work. There are several methods to publicize and market your NFT launchpad initiatives. You may broadcast or work with other creators from your Facebook group. You might also consider giving exclusives to celebrities or influencers, launching an affiliate marketing program, or designing a one-of-a-kind landing page. When it comes to advertising your NFTs, the sky is the limit!

This article will give you some insider information on what NFTs are, and then I’ll walk you through 15 ways to market your nft launchpad project that no one but the people who read this article, or our clients or partners, are using, so get excited, get hyped, because this will make some people a lot of money. Learn more about AXS, community treasury and DAO.

So, what exactly are NFTs?

This little write-up is for all of my friends who are new to NFTs or the NFT launchpad Marketplace, as well as all of my NFT’aholic pals. I know you could go forward to the good part, but I’ve got a fantastic hook for you to deter you from skipping beyond my amazing first paragraph:

In this explanation, I’m going to reveal an NFT launchpad insider industry secret that I only know about, and that no one else knows about, because I hired the number one blockchain lawyer in the world for a start-up, and that law firm connected me with their Canadian partners, who happen to be the same law firm that represents Dapper Labs. 

If you don’t know who Dapper Labs is, Dapper is the creators of the original NFT launchpad contract for Ethereum that everyone uses to craft these cryptocurrencies. And you may be wondering how a small Canadian software firm can work with and be the exclusive distributor for companies as large as the NBA, the NBA! I know, I’m addicted to telling you guys about it as well.

Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

Ok So, what exactly is an NFT? Non-Fungible-Token is an acronym for Non-Fungible-Token, which is what we would call a database memory slot in computer science. It’s basically a little storage unit with a packet of information in it, and you can store whatever you want in it, like an ebook (I pitched Jeff Bezos on NFT ebooks because I couldn’t find any on the major NFT launchpad marketplaces, and he did actually respond to me, and said he would forward it to their

Anyway, most people put a picture or a video clip in these little storage boxes, which have limited quantities (Scarcity), and the fact that the earlier you can buy it- the more people will find out about it after you, and the higher the demand will be, because the more attention there is, the more value it has, and the pressure to make money and drive attention as it increases in value (Urgency) creates the market for these golden database units that we have today.

So that’s why they’re so valuable, but why is the name so random? Non Fungible Token is like naming something R2-D2 or C3PO, and like Star Wars, the more you know, the cooler it gets, and the name NFT launchpad is unique to understanding what it is in the blockchain universe, and more importantly, what it means to you as a potential buyer or holder. In reality, it’s a legal gem. Every individual claims that their particular 100x investment isn’t one of them, and that the SEC will never clamp down on their alt-coin crypto trading accounts 18 months from now- in truth, you never know.

Looking to promote your NFT launchpad project effectively

(Unless you already know why Bitcoin is impregnable from that- hidden drop- Bitcoin won a legal fight in California in 2012 claiming it wasn’t a security- so rest, I’m not a hater)

But you never know when those random digital assets (like Ripple – XRP) will be or have been put on trial, and everyone involved will get a fine in the mail, and that poor technology candle graph man- it will go from the arc of the century, just a full mooning back down into a cold flatline.

This leads to what the NF in NFT stands for: non-fungible. Non-fungible makes NFTs lawful, baby. NFTs are not a currency because they are not fungible (money by definition, and according to the FINRA exception made by Canada’s regulatory body in charge of monetary and financial policy, for it to be a currency, it must be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, which means you don’t even need to be registered with them- that knowledge is like having a million dollar bill in your pocket- because normally to open a legal financial service business you must be registered with them-

Final thoughts

Everything starts with leveraging user data, identifying gaps, and dialing in a buyer avatar, but keep in mind that the best way to create a marketing strategy for your target audience is to give them all the tools they need to conduct a thorough economic analysis of your non-fungible tokens and digital assets and integrate them into your value ladder and brand or persona universe.

Then, once our models are working for you and your ROI is moving in the right direction, we can expand your universe and other traffic sources through additional efforts in the influencer marketing, social media, and email marketing departments. However, because those are only a small piece of the puzzle and you can lose a year working on them and still break even, we recommend you mostly treat them as a 10% up or down optimization that you shrug off. If you know how to leverage your social media, or if you already have a large social media skillset or market in place, then by all means, that’s a good place to focus, but if you don’t, you should probably be taking a path less traveled by all the big NFT launchpad players so you can carve out a little blue ocean for yourself.

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